Download [18+] The Angel of Death (1998) German Eng Sub 480p 208mb

The Angel of Death (1998)
Title: Angel of Death (1998)
Native Titles: Der Todesengel (1998)
Genre: Horror, Gore, Crime, Erotic

Synopsis: After a woman is brutally attacked and raped by two men, she attempts to return to a normal life. The events have left her mentally scared and she finally snaps and starts taking the lives of all the men she sees as they all deserve to be punished. Once she finds the men who were responsible for putting her in the position that she's in, a plan is set into place for some much needed revenge.

Starring: Marc Fehse, Timo Rose, Manila May, Lady Kora, Katharina Herm, Christian Kröger, Susanne, Nadine Krekel, Mike Niemann, Andreas Bethmann, Corinna Müller, Petra Quednau, Birgit Sommerfeld, Marco Grün, Werner Kila.

Release date: 1998
Running time: 67 minutes
Countries: Germany
Language: German
Quality: 480p
Movie Size: 208mb
Format: MP4

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