Download [18+] Arrombada - I Will Piss in Your Grave (2007) Portuguese 480p 162mb || 720p 311mb

Arrombada - Vou Mijar na Porra do Seu Túmulo (2007)
Title: Arrombada - I Will Piss in Your Grave (2007)
Native Title: Arrombada - Vou Mijar na Porra do Seu Túmulo (2007)
Genre: Short, Horror, Thriller

Synopsis: A girl (Ljana Carrion) is kidnapped by a drug dealer (Vinnie Bressan) at the behest of a corrupt senator (Coffin Souza), who intends to hold a party in the presence of a demented priest (PC) and a doctor (Gurcius Gewdner) using the girl as fun.

Starring: Carli Bortolanza, Vinnie Bressan, Gurcius Gewdner, Ljana Carrion, Coffin Souza, Coffin Souza 

Release Date: February 6, 2007
Running time: 39 minutes
Language: Portuguese
Country: Brazil
Quality: 480p || 720p
Movie Size: 162mb || 311mb
Format: MP4

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