Download [18+] Girl Boss: Escape from Reform School (1973) Japanese 480p 271mb

Girl Boss: Escape from Reform School (1973)
Title: Girl Boss: Escape from Reform School (1973)
Genre: Action

Synopsis: Girl Boss Ruriko and her cellmates escape from a greedy corrupt reform school that’s more interested in cheating the government out of money than reformation. Each having their own reasons for escaping, they go their seperate ways. With the help of a young mechanic, who’s also on the lam, Ruriko tries to realize her dream of leaving the island of Japan behind. But the authorities are always one step behind her…

Starring: Miki Sugimoto, Rika Sudo, RyĆ“ko Ema, Nobuo Kaneko, Hideo Murota, Tsunehiko Watase

Release Date: 24 May 1973
Running time: 90 minutes
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
Quality: 480p
Movie Size: 271mb
Format: MP4

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